BUT- we are NOT allowed to require people to wear masks. which is the main reason that I am NOT going to be a judge for this election, as I'm in a high-risk category, due to an autoimmune disorder. I worked the primary in March, and I was terrified for a week after that I was going to start showing symptoms. ________________________________________...
 October 22, 2020
Camera Canon EOS 5D mark IV. Due to the system change I am selling my Canon 5D Mark IV with the original battery grip The camera is only used 4x in perfect condition and has only 2.200 triggers Technically perfect, no signs of wear, like new. Scratch-free screen The camera is sold with the original Canon BG-E20 battery grip. Of course everythi...
 September 16, 2020
Bodies 2 Envy Ultimate BCAA and Prep are ready for shipment. It’s time the sports nutrition industry were introduced to clean and pure supplements that work. Unlike any other BCAA formula, Ultimate BCAA keeps the pounds and excess water at bay. Yes, as you continue to use the product, you see and feel the changes. The most impressive thing is the ...
 September 10, 2020

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