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  • User Description: The vacuum bellows refers to a tubular elastic sensor connected by a foldable wrinkle sheet in the direction of folding and expanding. So what are the qualities of vacuum bellows? Heating Equipment of vacuum bellows is as follows:Metal bellows is a higher-quality versatile connecting pipe in contemporary industrial pipelines. It is primarily composed of metal bellows, metallic mesh and a variety of types of joints.2.Metallic bellows execution normal: GB / T14525-ninety three, diameter selection: DN4-1000mm, doing work strain: PN0.6-32MPa, temperature variety: -196 ℃ ~ 600 ℃. vacuum fittings is manufactured of stainless metal thin-walled seamless pipe or longitudinal welded stainless metal slender-walled pipe by way of high-precision plastic deformation processing.What do we generally require to pay interest to when purchasing vacuum bellows?Initial of all, the customer should make clear the relationship strategy at equally ends, generally which includes KF vacuum flange, ISO vacuum flange, CF vacuum flange, GB vacuum flange and non-common vacuum flange, and so on. For non-normal flanges, drawings are necessary.The customer requirements to clarify the surroundings and temperature used, and the leakage charge specifications. As a manufacturer, we can select the most appropriate solution to advise to you, or if you have regular drawings, we can make and approach according to the drawings.The customer demands to clarify the medium within the vacuum bellows (whether or not it is corrosive). There is a big difference in the materials of the vacuum bellows. Typically talking, stainless steel 316L is used for corrosion, and stainless steel 304 is utilized for non-corrosion.The principal use of vacuum bellows is as a measuring factor of a force measuring instrument, which converts pressure into displacement or pressure. The overall performance of the vacuum bellows is mostly shared by everybody previously mentioned. The tube is our manufacturing and use of vacuum bellows, everybody understands it is very necessary.Save0

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